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First Thing’s First

First, we need to determine what size Dual Access Work Platform you need. One of the most common mistakes made in ordering many ladders is getting them too large for the available workspace. Here are some things to consider before ordering your new Dual Access Work Platform:

Choose your work Platform

A: Working Height

is the approximate height that you would like to be able to comfortably reach. It is usually calculated at 5.5′ above the ladder’s platform height.

B: Overall Height

is VERY important. You want to be sure that your ladder will not be too tall to fit into your workspace. This includes being able to fit through any doors that you may need to move it through, or under any ceilings or fixtures that you may have.

C: Top Step Height

is the measurement of the top step from the ground. It’s important that this measurement is not too far above or below your desired working height.

D: Base Width

is also very important because as ladders get taller, the base width increases. It is important to be sure that the ladder will not be too wide for your workspace. We offer different tread widths to accommodate most work areas.

E: Base Length

is the measurement of how long the base of the ladder runs. This is dependent upon the height of the ladder. The taller the ladder, the longer the base. Also lower climb angles increase base length.

*Work Platforms also available for situations where access from both ends is not required.

Description Top Step Height Overall Height Working Height Part Number
3 Step Dual Access Rolling Work Plarform 30 66 96 3DWP
4 Step Dual Access Rolling Work Plarform 40 76 106 4DWP
5 Step Dual Access Rolling Work Plarform 50 86 116 5DWP
6 Step Dual Access Rolling Work Plarform 60 96 126 6DWP
7 Step Dual Access Rolling Work Plarform 70 106 136 7DWP

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