Cotterman Company was established in 1925 as I.D. Cotterman Company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The core product was rolling wood track ladders. In the mid 1940’s, I.D. Cotterman introduced the rolling steel warehouse ladder, a form of rolling staircase designed to access nearly anything out of reach in industrial or commercial environments. Gradually rolling ladders became the core product line and Cotterman became the brand the industry associated with quality rolling ladders.

The company grew tremendously, exceeding the expectations and capabilities of the founding family. The Cotterman family sold I.D. Cotterman Company in 1979 to Material Control, Inc., a manufacturer of heavy-duty electronic control equipment for the mining and bulk material handling industry. It was moved to Croswell, Michigan where Material Control’s manufacturing facilities are located.

Cotterman Company’s strategy took an innovative change under the new management, headed by President Clint Stimpson. Getting closer to the customer, they theorized, would reduce costs in freight and lower the probability of freight damage. A formal plan was put into place and in 1988 a manufacturing plant was opened in Bakersfield, California. The new location produced enormous growth and in 1989 a plant was added in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2003, another manufacturing facility was added in Arlington, Texas. Through multiple manufacturing locations Cotterman is capable of delivering ladders at a lower cost to its customers while continuing to set the industry standard for quality and service.

Through quality construction, innovative product development and branch plants, Cotterman maintains market leadership in sales to the industrial, commercial, national store, and MRO markets, and solidifies its brand identification as the best manufacturer of rolling metal ladders.

Cotterman Headquarters, Croswell, Michigan

Corporate Office

  • Clinton F. Stimpson III
    Clinton F. Stimpson III Chairman of the Board of Directors
    • Nick Valore
      Nick Valore President
      • Dave Taylor
        Dave Taylor Sales Manager
        • Tim Winkler
          Tim Winkler Assistant Sales Manager
          • Don Gibson
            Don Gibson Engineering Manager
            • Ann Parmann
              Ann Parmann Purchasing Manager
              • Katrina Herbert
                Katrina Herbert Transportation
                • Kathie Wolfe
                  Kathie Wolfe Transportation
                  • Alex Jovanovic
                    Alex Jovanovic Product Specialist & Sales
                    • Kelly Angebrandt
                      Kelly Angebrandt Customer Service Supervisor & Sales
                      • Kathy Simpson
                        Kathy Simpson Customer Service & Sales
                        • Rachel Kautz
                          Rachel Kautz Customer Service & Sales
                          • Amy Conely
                            Amy Conely Customer Service & Sales
                            • Amy Kerbyson
                              Amy Kerbyson National Account Customer Service Rep
                              • Sue Quade
                                Sue Quade National Account Customer Service Rep

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