10" Solid Rubber Wheel with 3/4" Bearing Part No. A-301-0577 2 1/2″ BUMPER KIT w/BOLT and WASHER Part No. SU9703 4″ RIGID WHEEL KIT Part No. SU1070 4″ Swivel Caster Kit Part No. SU9707 Crutch Tips – 1″ Tubing - Package of 4 Part No. SU2203 Original Cotterman® Touch-Up Paint Standard Gray PS-16-19-2 Safety Yellow PS-16-19-22 Tilt N Roll - 4" Wheel Kit Part No. SU9107 Universal Caster Box Part No. SU2539
Platform Depth Tread Type Tread Width Caster or Leg Type Step Count Ships Setup Material Weight Lbs. Load Rating Lbs. Model Number
10″ Solid Rubber Wheel with 3/4″ Bearing
2 1/2″ Bumper Kit with Bolt and Washer
4″ Rigid Wheel Kit
4″ Swivel Caster Kit
Crutch Tips – 1″ Tubing – Package of 4
Original Cotterman® Touch-Up Paint
Tilt N Roll – 4″ Wheel Kit
Universal Caster Box

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