Cotterman® has always been a community-oriented company. We are the leader in Rolling Metal Ladders, but it doesn’t stop there. We maintain a good relationship within our communities. Friday, October 12th, we were visited by a group of high school seniors who may have interest in entering into the manufacturing workforce in the future. Our presenters, Rob Stimpson, Karen Smith and Nick Auquier had the pleasure of showing these young men and women around our Croswell, Michigan facility. They were shown almost the entire manufacturing process from the first weld, to powder coating, to being shipped out the door! We had a great time with some very bright students. 

Thank you to our presenters for showing the students around and giving them a glance into the world of efficiently manufacturing world-class ladders and safety products!

 Croslex tourCroslex tour Croslex tour

Project Manager, Rob Stimpson introducing his group to the new NSC (National Support Center)


 Croslex tourCroslex tour Croslex tour Croslex tour

Engineer, Nick Auquire explains some of the procedures in the tagging area.


Croslex tour  Croslex tour  Croslex tour 

Assistant Engineering Manager, Karen Smith explains the process of efficiently powder coating 100’s of ladders per day.


Croslex tour Croslex tourCroslex tour

Rob and his group in the shrink-wrapping department.


Croslex tour Croslex tour Croslex tour Croslex tour

Nick with his group in the NSC.


Croslex tour Croslex tour Croslex tour

Karen showing everyone around and explaining the Research and Development testing equipment.


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