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Cotterman Company manufactures The SingleTrak, DualTrak, and DualSideTrak Ladder Systems specifically designed for retrieval of stock from shelving. The ladders roll along a track that is mounted on the shelving. Each of the three products has distinctive features that are suited for the varying requirements of our customers. The primary application for Track Ladder systems is in retail stores, and much of our innovation in design of these products stems from working with national store chains.

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Easy access to shelves in narrow aisles and cramped storage areas.

These ladders have a smooth rolling upper track fixture and wheels on the floor that allow easy movement of the ladder along the entire length of the track. The upper rolling trolley fixture is mounted on straight track at the front shelf edge. The rugged all-welded steel construction featues 5" deep by 14" wide solid steps with abrasive treads.

Quick access... easy to use... easy to store

When in use, the ladder is positioned at an 80° climbing angle. The standard bottom wheel brake prevents movement during use. An exclusive design permits storage of the ladder in a tight vertical position against the shelves when not in use and allows easy passage of persons or equipment in the aisle.

For the traditional oak rolling library ladder, click Single Track Wooden Ladders in side menu.

To Order Series 7180 Ladders and Track:
Measure your track mounting area from the chart below select the proper track height range. Keep in mind the maximum working height is approximately 5-6 feet above the top height shown.

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Convenient access to all shelving.

Click here for video of non-pivoting Series 7271.
Click here for video of the patented Pivoting Dual Trak Series 7471.
The patented steel Dual Trak Ladder is designed to provide safe, convenient access to tall shelving on both sides of narrow aisles in storage areas. A 33% increase in vertical storage space is typically achieved.

The key to the Dual Trak Ladder is the overhead carriage on which the ladder is mounted. This heavy-duty carriage is mounted on dual tracks attached to shelving on both sides of the aisle. The carriage and ladder assembly rolls smoothly on these tracks along the length of the storeroom aisle. Swivel casters on the bottom of the ladder assist in this easy movement and the ladder sits firmly on rubber pad legs while in use. Additionally, the ladder rolls from side to side across the aisle on a track mounted on the carriage.

Dimensions and Installation Characteristics
• Ladder is 16" wide with a 71° climbing angle. Rolls on upper carriage and lower 2" swivel spring loaded casters.
• Manufactured to the desired track mounting height up to a maximum of 12' 11" and specified aisle width from 30" to 62".
• Maximum reaching height is 4 feet above the track level.
• Uses L17 brackets on 4' maximum spacing, #78 track and 10" joint dowels.

To Order Dual Trak Mounted Ladders:
From the chart below select the proper track height range. (Keep in mind to calculate the distance from the floor to the desired track mounting surface which should be no more than 4 feet below the top of the highest merchandise to be reached. Track must be ordered for each side of the aisle. Use the L17 brackets (2 ends per track run and 4' maximum center spacing) #78 track and 10" joint dowels. Aisle widths must be specified for each ladder ordered. Dual track ladders can be used in aisles from 30" to 62" wide.)

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Oak Library Ladder

The Cotterman #1 Straight Side Oak Track Ladder has been in use since the 1920’s. In this time Oak Track Ladders have adapted to many applications, the most common being bookstores, libraries, and shelving access for retail stores. The furniture grade quality appearance adds to the appeal of the ladder, especially in home libraries and retail floor environments. In addition, many other wood selections are available, as well as various stains. Dimension and Installation Characteristics Overall width of ladder is 16", approximately 28" across bottom wheels. Angle with floor is 80º. Ladders are mannufactured to exact track mounting height required. The track is normally placed in line with a shelf no more than 3 feet below the top of the highest merchandise to be reached. Track heights above 13' 6" are not recommeneded. Aisles greater than 36" wide generally require ladders on both sides of the aisle to reach merchandise safely. Ladders project above the top of track 4". One ladder is recommended for every 20 to 30 feet of track. The horizontal distance from the face of the protruding merchandise to the center line of track should be more than 1 1/2" to clear the upper fixtures. Also, brackets should never be installed by screwing directly into the front edge of plywood uprights or shelves because the fastening strength may in insufficient.

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