Cotterman Workmaster and Stockmaster Platforms

The Workmaster series is a versatile accessory for lift trucks. Stocking shelves, changing light bulbs, and other overhead tasks are easily accomplished using existing lifting equipment. Compared to scissor lifts or boom lifts, the Workmaster series is economical, as well as functional and safe.


Adjustable – Easy to Install – Versatile – Promotes Safety

Cotterman adjustable self closing safety gates assist your facility in meeting OSHA and ANSI requirements for guarding platform railing system openings. They easily install to existing platforms and stair openings. The unique gate width is available in two adjustable size ranges: 16″ to 26″ or 24″ to 40″. Gate width is adjustable in 2″ increments.

– Versatile, can be mounted to round rail, square rail, angular rail of up to 2″, or a firm reinforced wall surface.

– Stainless steel spring closes the gate after each pass through.Tested to over 1 million cycles without spring failure

– New delrin bearings reduce friction, eliminate metal to metal contact, and increase spring life.

– Adjustable bolts position the gate and provide a stop without contacting the existing rail.

– Unique gate width is available in two adjustable size ranges: fits openings of 16″ to 26″ or 24″ to 40″. Gate width is adjustable in 2″ increments. For wider openings, use two gates.

– Chose from two outstanding corrosion resistant finish options: two part powder coat finish – zinc primer with UV resistant polyester top coat – outperforms galvanizing 10 to 1 in salt spray tests or all stainless steel construction for the most extreme conditions.

ADJ Range
16″ to 26″
yellow powder coat over zinc rich powder coat
24″ to 40″
yellow powder coat over zinc rich powder coat
16″ to 26″
gray powder coat over zinc rich powder coat
24″ to 40″
gray powder coat over zinc rich powder coat
16″ to 26″
stainless steel
24″ to 40″
stainless steel


Cotterman Company manufactures The SingleTrak, DualTrak, and DualSideTrak Ladder Systems specifically designed for retrieval of stock from shelving. The ladders roll along a track that is mounted on the shelving. Each of the three products has distinctive features that are suited for the varying requirements of our customers. The primary application for Track Ladder systems is in retail stores, and much of our innovation in design of these products stems from working with national store chains.


Cotterman manufactures the industry standard rolling warehouse ladder. Cotterman Ladders are designed to the strict guidelines of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the regulations of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Furthermore, Cotterman Ladders are continuously being tested, improved, redesigned, and even customized through direct involvement with customers. The Cotterman engineering staff participates in ANSI and other regulatory boards to keep abreast of industry concerns and to bring Cotterman research forward to help make safer products. Cotterman also provides the best single service in the industry for its ladder customers: multiple manufacturing locations for lower freight costs, less damage, and quicker delivery.


Cotterman Fixed Ladders are the perfect solution for vertical access. Applications range from roof access on buildings to complex systems on large structures such as grain silos or bridges. All products in the Fixed Ladder series are available in powder coated steel, hot dipped galvanized, or stainless steel. In addition, the Modular option is available which breaks down this inherently long product to smaller sections. Each section is less than seven feet in length, making transportation and installation far easier.

Due to the strict OSHA guidelines for this product, consultation with one of the Cotterman sales staff is highly recommended. The sales staff specializes in querying the customer for all pertinent data to provide the exact Fixed Ladder solution for the application. Furthermore, Cotterman has years of experience in designing custom ladder solutions, with a complete engineering staff to provide recommendations and drawings for customer approval.


Cotterman Masterstep and Alumastep Ladders

Combining the high quality construction of our industrial and commercial ladders with an attractive design and finish that suit the office environment. Optional features include two platform depth sizes, three handrail configurations, and a removable shelf. The ladders are powder coated in your choice of eight colors selected to match popular office furniture and accessory colors. The casters roll easily over carpeted areas and rubber matted solid tread or black sandpaper tread is comfortable for all footwear types.


Manual Winch, Outriggerless, & 25ft. Pusharound Lifts

The Cotterman Maxi Lift line of push-around lifts sets the standard for quality and reliability. Only the finest components are used in the construction: powder coated steel, Haldex-Barnes hydraulics, Trojan DC batteries, Guest 10 AMP battery charger, and Colson phenolic casters. In addition, the current Maxi Lift design is the eighth generation model, after nearly twenty years of refining the unit for maximum stability, ease of use, and safety. Meets or exceeds all applicable standards, including ANSI A92.3-1990, plus proposed changes.