What's new?

January 2013: Cotterman introduces new Ultra Heavy Duty Workmaster ladder line.

For the job site that requires the toughest ladder, Cotterman introduces the Workmaster® Ultra Duty series. Available March 2013.

January 2013: Cotterman introduces new 45 degree climbing angle ladders.

Available in one, two and three step models and in Steel and Aluminum.

January 2013: Cotterman introduces new Ergo-Mat one step work platforms.

Softer matting is an ergonomic alternative to our grip strut tread one step work platforms for long days standing at the job. Available in powder coated steel, aluminum and stainless and in many sizes.

January 2013: Cotterman nears completion of a 24,000 sq foot addition to the MI manufacturing location!

October 2012: Cotterman breaks breaks ground for a 24,000 sq foot addition to the MI manufacturing location!

Left to right: Barb Stimpson, CCC General Manager, Nick Valore, Vice President Cotterman Co., Clint Stimpson, President Cotterman Co., John Espinoza, Croswell City Manager. In response to continued growth, Cotterman is adding 24,000 square feet of manufacturing space to the Croswell MI manufacturing location (also the company headquarters)

New! Improved swing gates!

June, 2010: Cotterman Safety Gates received a major durability upgrade. New delrin bearings reduce friction and eliminate metal to metal contact, as well as increasing spring life. All standard gates now ship with 2 part powder coat finish with outstanding corrosion resistance: better than galvanizing by nearly 10 to 1. Call or e-mail Cotterman for more information!

New! Modular Bolt on Cages

September 2009: Cotterman introduces Modular Bolt-On Cages for Fixed Ladders without OSHA required cage sections. Upgrade your existing ladder installation with easy to install cages (bolt on or weld on to angle or flat side member ladders), required under OSHA 1910.27 and 1926.1053 standards for ladders exceeding 20′ in height. Cages are shipped in 2′, 3′, 4′ or 7′ sections for easy handling on site, selected in combination by our specialists to meet your exact length requirements, plus other features such as walk through handrails or stand off platforms. Call or e-mail Cotterman for more information!

New Arlington, Texas Manufacturing Plant!

Cotterman® now has four nationwide manufacturing plants! Our new facility in Arlington, Texas is part of our continuing effort to better serve our customers!

New Products:

Adjustable Two Step Work Platform

Cotterman Exclusive!! Two step platform adjusts from 7″ to 11″ while maintaining an equal rise between the two steps. 800lb. capacity.

New Higher Load Ratings!

Cotterman® has increased the load ratings of several of our popular products:

Steel TiltNRoll® Was 350 – Now 450lbs.!
2600 Heavy Duty Was 350 – Now 450lbs.!
Series WP Work Platform Was 600 – Now 800lbs.!
Series DWP Dual Work Platform Was 600 – Now 800lbs.!

The new load ratings will greatly add to the versatility and functional quality of these ladders, another result of our continuous product improvement program!

The Straddle Base TiltNRoll

Allows user to straddle
obstructions to allow closer placement of the ladder to the work area.

Aluminum Fixed Ladders

Cotterman’s full line of fixed wall mounted ladders will soon include a new series of corrosion resistant aluminum fixed ladders. Optional features will also be available.

Trailer/Truck Access Ladders

Fixed platform height is near exact height of most flatbed and closed freight trailers. Larger wheels allow for use in rough terrain and parking lots.

Perforated Metal Tread Available Now!

Although perforated metal treads are not new to the ladder industry, the Cotterman Perforated Step meets the rigorous standards for structural integrity and long term durability evident in our Expanded Metal and Grip Strut steps. The tread is now available on most of our rolling metal ladder products.

Winter 2010: Cotterman KD products now shipping partially assembled

Assembling KD ladders takes time – usually around a half an hour. Shipping unassembled saves on freight,and is necessary on very large ladders, but requires effort for our customers when received. Cotterman has redesigned our KD ladder packaging to allow us to pre-assemble major components and bracing. The result is a significant reduction is assembly time – a minimum of 39% (11 minutes on a ladder that took 28 minutes to assemble), and even more time saved on larger ladders with additional bracing. Plus, the likelihood for loose parts to go missing during shipment is greatly reduced.Reducing cost by saving time – another Cotterman industry exclusive!

Spring 2010: Cotterman upgrades all fasteners to grade 5

Although grade 2 fasteners are the most widely used in industry, Cotterman has upgraded entirely to Grade 5 fasteners. Grade 5 fasteners are hardened to provide more strength and met our recently upgraded standards for long term wear based on continuous cycle testing of components – some endure over 1 million cycles without degradation or fatigue!

Spring 2010: Cotterman ladders with spring loaded casters are now shipped with casters installed

Cotterman ladders with spring loaded casters – ladders 4 step and smaller, plus our Aluminum line – are now shipping with casters installed! Normally, installation only takes 5-10 minutes, but why not have Cotterman do it for you? Plus, we are able to perform additional quality checks (proper wheel installation and operation) to make sure your ladder is 100% ready to go to work the minute it hits your dock!

Contact us at: web@cotterman.com for more information.